Yo, listen up, let me break it down
I’ll teach you ’bout the law without making a sound
From contracts to loans, and everything in between
With legal tips so fresh, like you’ve never seen

First up, let’s talk about a contractor contract example
Know your rights, don’t let ’em trample
Be sharp as a needle, never be feeble
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Don’t get lost, don’t be a fool
Know your rights, don’t be a tool
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What is crystalline form, you might ask
Well, let me tell you, it’s not a simple task
Understand the legal implications, don’t take it lightly
Crystal clear knowledge will keep you mighty

Next up, a loan agreement for employer and employee
Don’t let your money be taken, don’t be naive
Know the legal guidelines, so you don’t grieve
Protect your rights, don’t be deceived
Legal advice is what you need

Looking for legal free anime streaming services
To watch your favorite shows without feeling reckless
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Stream with peace, don’t be clueless

Need free unemployment legal advice
Don’t hesitate, don’t think twice
Expert help for your rights, no need to sacrifice
Know where you stand, don’t roll the dice
Legal protection is your device

What’s the trial meaning in law
Learn the process, don’t be in awe
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Legal knowledge is your flaw
Protect yourself, don’t be a claw

Want to know uncleared margin rules under emir
Don’t be in the dark, don’t be a blur
Legal guidance will keep you secure
Learn the rules, don’t be unsure
Knowledge is power, let it mature

Thinking about the cost of making rent agreement
Learn the legal fees, don’t be a detriment
Understand the expenses, don’t be hesitant
Protect your rights, don’t be a deferral
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Curious about where prostitution is legal state by state
Learn the laws, don’t be misstate
Know your rights, don’t hesitate
Legal clarity is your fate
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